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Sin City - Russian girl buys a slave. Terrible life in Russia

On June 19, 2008 my father, Sviridenko Igor Aleksandrovich, date of birth 27.10.1960 went missing while driving his own car "Hyundai Porter" of white color, state registration number м798ао93, the last time he was noticed on the 8th km of the Moscow Ring Road  (MKAD), near the wholesale market "Zhulebino" where Sviridenko Igor used to deliver confectionery products.

Criminal case was brought by the Investigative Department of the Southeast district of the city of Moscow, in Kuzminsky prosecutor's office of the city of Moscow, on July 8, 2008, number of the criminal case 358062, article 105, p.1 of the Сriminal Сode of the Russian Federation, senior investigator Alexander Babayan.
In January 2008, my father signed a contract with the former district police officer Shaternikov Alexander Ivanovich for the lease of a part of the building of our dumplings shop with the subsequent repayment of this building in June 2008.
In September 2008 Shaternikov refused to pay rent, changed locks in the building and started to presented himself as the owner of the property. We filed a lawsuit. The court ruled out to give us the property. Shaternikov started threatening members of our family.

On August 4, 2009 an unidentified person made an arson of the car belonging to the daughter, Sviridenko Ksenia, one more criminal case was brought on August 4, 2009, number of the criminal case 940528.
On July 21, 2010 the arson of a household of the family of Sviridenko was made - criminal case of July 29, 2010, number of the criminal case 139910 under article 167 ch.2 by the Сriminal Сode of the Russian Federation.
In all these criminal cases we suspect Shaternikov Alexander Ivanovich as no other persons are interested in them. In a talk, Shaternikov told that my father had been sold in slavery.
We know that after my father had disappeared, Shaternikov went on some work to Abkhazia by individual cargo transport therefore we have assumptions that he can be aware of the location of my father.

Hopes for the help from law enforcement agencies of Russia and the Investigative Committee of Russia, ran low therefore we address directly to slaveholders: Please, contact us! We are ready to pay any reward for our father!

According to the Kremlin media information 200 people go missing every day or 70 thousand per year in Russia.  120 thousand are reported to be on the wanted list. Every year Russian population decline rate is equivalent  to the one of a whole region the one of Pskov or of a big city such as Krasnodar. 

Russia is on the first place in the world with regard to the absolute value of population decline.

According to The Global  Slavery Index 2013, a rating delivered by the Australian Human Rights organization Walk Free Foundation some 500 thousand people are living in slavery,  debt bondage and slave labor in Russia.

Russia is ranked on the 6th place in the world with regard to the absolute number of slaves, thus conceding only to India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria and Ethiopia. In relative terms – number of slaves per capita – Russia’s position doesn’t  seem to be as bad:  49th  place in 162 countries list.

Besides that in some Russian regions there are close corrupt ties between slave holders and local police officers.  Such are the cases of regions of Volgograd, Stavropol, partially Dagestan. On the whole slavery is widespread in Russia.

The problem of slavery is not considered on the government’s level because Kremlin is reluctant in recognizing  that slavery does exist under Putin’s stability.  This contradicts modern propaganda saying “there are no problems in Russia, there are problems only in Ukraine, in Europe and in USA”.

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